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… using the power of Lean Agile

There are thousands of great businesses out there. No doubt you’re one of them. But too many are slowed down by old systems and traditional ways of working. We solve this by using Lean Agile to create genuine change that sticks.

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You do the ‘what’.
Let us focus on the ‘how’

The fact is, most of us get taught how to do our jobs, but we rarely get taught how to work.

That’s the space we play in. 

We’re a specialist consultancy, focused on business transformation, working directly in-house with your teams.

Ultimately, we know that it’s a fast-moving, competitive marketplace. So if we’re going to make work work, we need not only new technologies but a powerful new approach. 


How about we tackle this together?

New to Agile?

It’s a framework – based on mindset, values and principles, methods and approaches – that enables you to mine your own business for increased value.​

The case studies are proven and the outcomes are transformative. What benefits should you expect:

  1. Faster time to market. Manage the flow of work and deliver at speed, better and innovative solutions to your customers.

  2. Improved Quality. Built in approach to inspect and adapt, with frequent feedback, providing greater quality outcomes.

  3. Improved efficiency. Work cross siloes to support faster decision making and dependency management.

  4. Increased people engagement. Create an environment that’s primed for greater collaboration, helping your teams to unleash new powerful ways of working.

Last but not least. Agility is not just for technology.


Yes! Agility can be scaled at enterprise level.

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A proven Framework

Lean Agile is a highly dynamic approach and one that’s been adopted by countless organisations simply because it delivers such transformative results.

Lean Agile navigates all kinds of headwinds and shifts, embracing variability and uncertainty while re-imagining traditional frameworks. It supports all workplaces configurations, from hybrid models to a fully distributed workforce.

Lean Agile creates unrivaled speed and agility – all of which transforms your results and outcomes.

Head over here we’ll explain in a little more depth.

A Differentiated Approach

We know your choices. Here’s why NEST Consulting is different.

A hand-picked team.

We’ve deliberately avoided ‘volume consultancy’. Instead, we’ve curated a small, trusted cohort of expert consultants. We guarantee your project will always be handled by a team of seasoned professionals. 

A portfolio of experts.

While we do work with generalists, we also bring world-class subject matter experts. This means we can offer a bespoke plan and individualised consultancy - from DevOps to D&I.

A transparent approach.

Everything we do is underpinned by empathy and trust. Our directors check-in regularly to demonstrate exactly what we’ve done, and the results we’re seeing. In short we’re hands-on and highly responsive.

An empowered approach.

We show everyone what to do rather than doing it for them. In this way, we can ensure you’re not dependent on us for long. Think of it as us slowly letting go and watching you fly (after all, we’re called NEST for a reason). 

A personal approach.

With NEST Consulting, there’s no one-size-fits-all. We’ll create a plan that’s exactly right for you, prioritising your feedback and opinions.

NEST Consulting is a Proud Partner of Scaled Agile Inc.

Scaled Agile Inc. is the provider of SAFe®, the world leading Framework for Business Agility.


We apply SAFe® within client transformation programmes since 2017. We coach teams in day to day efforts to apply business agility and provide capacity by integrating NEST consultants within client teams.

We offer training courses to help you and your team along the whole way of the journey to improve knowledge, skills and learn the techniques and tools to implement in your organisation.

We aim to create value by applying Lean Agile methodologies to:


Strategy & Growth


Business Transformation


Future of Work


Develop our People

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