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The Future of Work is also the Future of Life.

The Future of Work is also the Future of Life… so we need to get it right.

We have all had our own roller-coaster path of accepting and raging against lockdown life. At our core, we humans need variety in how we engage with people and if the lockdown has deprived us of one thing more than any other, it's the variety, the spice of life that we have lost.

The global shift to working from home has created both opportunities and challenges as we try to blend life and work. Remote working is here to stay, but the term “remote” is often associated with being removed, distant or uncaring - none of which are conducive to a healthy state of mind, body or soul. When managed and provisioned correctly, flexible work patterns can foster inclusiveness, trust and collaboration, but it will require forward thinking.

The pandemic has accelerated plans for digital transformation. Organizational resilience will depend, to a large extent, on the maturity and readiness of digital capabilities. As the future of work evolves, so we will need to adapt the way we manage our people, tools and processes. If we are going to transition from an endurance state of "hanging on until this is all over" to a resilience state of a better work life balance for all, we will need to make sure that we align these three ingredients to effectively deliver flexible working as a reality rather than an empty promise on a job description.

Gloria Carrasco is a Partner at nest consulting. To learn more about how nest consulting can help, please visit our website or get in touch at


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