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Adopt a Design Thinking approach for measurable business results.

#DesignThinking is a brilliant approach and set of tools that truly can help your organisation survive, and actually thrive, in today's competitive markets.

First of all, it really pushes you to embrace a fully #CustomerCentric approach, not only in word, but in actions. By putting ourselves in our customers' shoes and feeling how they experience our product or service, what they see, hear and feel, we go beyond just thinking of customers' "needs". We develop #Empathy - a key value of Design Thinking - and this helps us innovate, and develop and improve our offer. Empathy also becomes the driver to unleash our own people’s full creative energies.

Secondly, Design Thinking tools enable and turbo charge #Collaboration in our teams, and support iterative approaches #VisualisationOfWork, continuous testing, therefore creating feedback and #ContinuousLearning.

A brilliant example of the transformational power of Design Thinking is a well-known company that went from "manufacturing inexpensive imitations of other companies' products" to become the 5th most valuable technology brand of 2020 and one of the most successful design-oriented companies of all times. Lee Kun-Hee, the chairman of Samsung Electronics Group, embarked on a quest to revolutionise his company. His first step was to create collaborative and integrated multidisciplinary #teams of marketers, ethnographers, designers, musicians, engineers, and writers. Their assignment was to find out users’ unmet needs. The rest is history!

At nest consulting, we adopt Design Thinking approach, tools and techniques to support and coach our clients to reach real and measurable results. We believe Design Thinking can be a source of competitive advantage by driving innovation and change in an organization, creating alignment across multi-functional teams and across silos. Do call us to discuss how we can help you to address your organizational challenges.


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