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Training & Coaching

Learning is the gateway for growth, and it is both a core value and a key competency for individuals and the organisation as a whole.

Why? With learning comes progress, motivation, striving for improvement. Ultimately this becomes innovation and competitiveness.

The organization helps its people grow, and in turn, the people help grow the organization. As the internal skills, systems, and structures change with learning, the organization becomes agile and responsive to its environment. Experimentation and learning from mistakes are intrinsic components of this virtuous circle.

As individuals, we become Lifelong Learners incorporating learning opportunities every day into our work and life, and at scale, we become a Learning Organisation.

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Training & Coaching

How can we help you

We help you on this path with a range of options, including formal training courses, targeted workshops, and  team coaching and development.


We base our approaches on Lean Agile principles and methods, to improve your effectiveness in delivering transformation programs and operate in business as usual.

We deliver these services in person and in remote. Our sessions are designed to be interactive and participative, we leverage collaboration tools and include a mix of teaching with hands on practical activities.

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Our Services

  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) courses curriculum. To check our calendar click here. We also deliver to your own business teams on dates of your choice.

  • SAFe® workshops on specific topics, including Value Stream Identification, and Lean Portfolio Management Workshops

  • Teams coaching on Lean Agile ways of working, integrated with change delivery support

  • Leadership training and development:  Lead by Example

To learn more about how we can help you with training and coaching, click here below
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