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My thoughts on Turn The Ship Around

#LEADERSHIP is one of the biggest assets for any organisation. Plenty of books are written on the subject but I think “Turn the ship around” by L. David Marquet is a must-read. The key message is undoubtedly that moving from a “Leader-Follower” to a “Leader-Leader”model is a risk worth taking.

How relevant is Marquet’s approach in 2021? I believe it has never been more applicable. Most office workers have operated remotely each day for the past year. While this creates some freedom and flexibility, it can be an alienating and demotivating experience if the leadership approach remains over-controlling and micromanaging. I believe a different style - based on trust and delegation - is required for those leading dispersed teams.

A leader needs to act increasingly like a coach, enabler and excellent communicator to drive the team to succeed. Team members need the right competences and skills to work independently in a successful way.

Not everyone may be willing to make crucial decisions for the organisation, but I am convinced that everyone would love to work in a place where mistakes are rewarded with training rather than punished with no bonus check.

I found David Marquet’s book very interesting. This mini blog represents my own reflections from reading the book, on topics on which I have beliefs, opinions and experience. Feel free to disagree and/or challenge my thinking – as long as you do so in a constructive way. At nest consulting, we assist companies developing a robust and agile approach to deliver lasting and successful transformation. Get in touch with me, on, if you wish to discuss this book further or to find out how we can help overcome any business transformation challenges.


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