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Establish a culture of trust in the hybrid work model.

As business roll out hybrid work solutions, spying software, recording devices and heightened surveillance are turning some workplaces into seriously toxic environment, at a time of already heightened stress for workers.

Recent research by ExpressVPN indicated that nearly 80% of company managers use software to "track employee performance and/or online activity.” Furthermore, Gartner Group expects that up to 75% of conversations will recorded by 2025.

But managers micro-managing and becoming overbearing, because they can’t “see and hear” what their reports are actually doing, is no way to build a thriving, innovative, purposeful culture and organisation.

Instead, we consider the use of tried and tested lean agile work practices as a sure way to support our workforce and leaders in building a strong culture and a united and purposeful organisation, especially within a hybrid work environment:

1) Foster a #CultureOfTrust. Managers need to trust their team to do the work and support them with the tools to do this, and focusing on removing impediments rather than micromanaging. This is how we create constructive relationships and fairness.

2) Understand the work, and #OrganiseAroundValue. This allows managers and teams to prioritise work and collaborate better, supporting the flow of value within the organisation. Furthermore, understanding how value flows through the organisation will help see what work can be done “from home” and what “in the office”, and what are the events and times work needs to be done face-to-face.

3) Transparency and #VisibilityOfWork. Use Kanban methods to visualise work, to support trust within the team, focus on outcomes, and improve perception of fairness within the workforce.

4) Build #TeamRelationships. Use the available digital tools to keep teams aligned regardless of where any team member is sitting. It will help focus the team on the work but also build their relationships and a sense of unity and purpose.

5) Ensure #Leaders are present and accessible. A key element of constructive, productive cultures is the extent to which people have a sense of proximity with leaders.

6) #Accountability. If goals are set clearly, work is visible and team commitments agreed, people are accountable to deliver. Accountability will help build trust and participation towards to the end results.

In conclusion, #LeanAgile #WaysOfWorking are proving strong and effective not only in the way we used to work, but especially so going forward in creating our #HybridWorkplace to thrive and prosper.


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