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What it really takes to be a genuine Team

We all work as part of one or more teams but genuine team working doesn’t come easy. A lot of times we only are a group of people who have being asked to work together.

Building a cohesive team takes a specific and intentional effort and a desire to do so. It is important to understand what the successful factors are, and not only what pitfalls to avoid. Genuine team working is not magic; it is achievable by using well established tools and techniques that help us over a relatively short time turn into a truly collaborative and effective Team.

We are inspired by, and leverage, Patrick Lencioni's work in understanding and working on the main (5) dysfunctions of teams:

Lack of Trust – where we can’t admit weaknesses and mistakes, can’t ask and find help, can’t tap into others’ skills and expertise.

Fear of Conflict – where we won’t solve real problems quickly, nor put critical topics on the table.

Lack of Commitment – where we don’t align around common objectives, don’t develop the ability to learn from mistakes, and don’t move forward without hesitation.

Avoidance of Accountability – where we don’t hold one another accountable, don’t establish respect, and don’t avoid bureaucracy around performance management.

Inattention to Results – where we lack achievement oriented people, maximise individualistic behaviour, where the good of the team doesn’t surpass individual interests.

The 5 dysfunctions of a team - as described above - are highly interconnected. Which do you think can be addressed first to help overcoming another? Why do you think it could help the team grow towards cohesiveness?

“Teams succeed because they are exceedingly human. Acknowledging imperfections allows teams to overcome natural tendencies that make trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and a focus on results so elusive.” From ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ by Patrick Lencioni.

Monica Mezzacasa drives marketing and operations at nest consulting. To learn more about how nest consulting can help, please visit our website or get in touch at


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