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Digital tools without which engaged people will not deliver prosperity

In the last year, 7 out of 10 Boards of Directors accelerated digital business initiatives (source: Gartner Group). The fast advancement in technology - AI, 5G, Cloud computing, Edge computing ... - is supporting the evolution towards a digital workplace and drives the creation of a digital workforce.

But tools without engaged people will not deliver prosperity. Wherever you are in your organization’s digital transformation journey, you must define explicitly how technology will enable and improve your people’s work experience.

Sylvia Metayer, Chief Growth Officer of Sodexo, recently said that “when you contribute towards the quality of life of your employees, you are also contributing towards their performance.” Technology should be your ally and enabler to put your people first and support them with the tools needed to deliver great work in a satisfying way.

We believe that by adopting lean agile ways of working we can provide opportunities and space for creativity, innovation, collaboration, and empower our people to more effectively collaborate in the new normal.


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