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Future of Work

As we look forward with hope to a normalisation of our life, we also take stock on what we have learned from the lockdown experience of the past year.

It is now clear that a distributed workforce can be happier and more productive than ever before, with the right approach to remote work – but there is no “one-size fits all”. Instead, a thoughtful, people-centric combination of tools and leadership style is needed to create ways of working that can be applied effectively and productively no matter the physical and geographical configuration (which can change any time and at no notice).

This article proposes and explores four steps to reimagine work and workplaces that organizations should take to define their definition of Future of Work

At nest consulting, we assist companies developing a robust and agile approach to deliver lasting and successful transformation. Get in touch with us, on, if you wish to discuss this topic further or to find out how we can help overcome any business transformation challenges.


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