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… using the power of Lean Agile

We are transformation and business agility consultants.

We help our clients implement their strategy, deliver new products and services, improve processes and develop their people.

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You do the ‘what’.
Let us focus on the ‘how’

We are experienced in implementing Business Agility in the real business world, leveraging proven Lean Agile approaches to help you deliver on your business goals faster, more innovatively and efficiently.

We build capabilities in your organisation by working alongside your people and transferring skills and knowledge across your teams for the long term. 

We can engage at all levels of the organisation, whether it is the most senior team of decision makers or at a more operational level.

New to Agile?

Whether you are just starting out on this journey or already have established Agile framework, we can help you embed Lean Agile mindset and practices at single team or team-of-teams level, and at full business scale.

We support the implementation of Lean Agile ways of working across the whole business – beyond the historical confines of IT / Technology - making it applicable across the entire organisation.

We prioritise people interaction and collaboration as the foundation for improved outcomes and results.

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A proven Framework

Lean Agile is a highly dynamic approach and one that’s been adopted by countless organisations simply because it delivers such transformative results.

Lean Agile navigates all kinds of headwinds and shifts, embracing variability and uncertainty while re-imagining traditional frameworks. It supports all workplaces configurations, from hybrid models to a fully distributed workforce.

Lean Agile creates unrivaled speed and agility – all of which transforms your results and outcomes.

Head over here we’ll explain in a little more depth.

NEST Consulting is a Proud Partner of Scaled Agile Inc.

Scaled Agile Inc. is the provider of SAFe®, the world leading Framework for Business Agility.


We apply SAFe® within client transformation programmes since 2017. We coach teams in day to day efforts to apply business agility and provide capacity by integrating NEST consultants within client teams.

We offer SAFe® training courses to help you and your team along the whole journey to improve knowledge, skills and learn the principles and methods to implement in your organisation.

We help our clients create value by applying Lean Agile methodologies to:


Strategy Implementation


Lean Agile Transformation
& Scale-Up


Lean Agile
Product & Solution Development


Training & Coaching

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