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Monica Mezzacasa

Partner at NEST Consulting

Monica is a partner and consultant at NEST Consulting, and has over 20 years of experience in advising clients on agile ways of working, inclusive leadership, and marketing and innovation best practices.

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Monica started her career in Italy as a growth and innovation consultant, and has a track record in delivering compelling and cohesive business propositions bringing the client to a new and innovative competitive space. Her experience includes developing and embedding best practice in innovation processes, and supporting new product launch for leading FMCG companies across Europe. She now focuses in supporting clients on agile ways of working and developing inclusive leadership and a culture of respect.

Motivated by a need for creative thinking, Monica believes in broadening one’s interests as both creativity and innovation are based on knowledge. NEST Consulting fosters a culture of continuous learning providing an exciting environment to be part of and helping clients in their transformation journeys.


At NEST Consulting, as well as providing consulting services to clients, Monica supports the growth and operations of the firm, by looking after our marketing and communication activities, curating the talent pool available to our clients, as well as being a consultant and trainer in inclusive leadership and women empowerment. She has a particular interest and passion in inclusive leadership and diversity equity and inclusion strategy development, planning and implementation

Monica is a certified SAFe® 6 Practice Consultant. She holds a 1st BA (Hons) from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

Articles by Monica Mezzacasa 

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