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We team up with high quality independent consultants to deliver results for our clients

We implement strategy and transformation solutions our clients need to compete and thrive.


We have 20+ years experience advising clients on their strategy and transformation challenges.

Work with us to help our clients succeed

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What do we look for?


We look for like-minded individuals who made a career choice of being independent consultants. We believe that lifelong learning is critical for success, to keep one’s craft fresh and relevant.

We apply a growth mindset to work (never “either/or”), and approach professional and personal challenges with a positive attitude. We never say “you can’t do that”, rather ask “how can we do that”.

We make a conscious effort to behave along these lines every day – sometime we succeed, sometime we do not – but we never give up.



If you think the above describes you, and if:

You have made a career choice to be an independent consultant

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You have a good track record of working independently

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You have delivered projects in a corporate role or at a top-tier consultancy firm in the past

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then we would love to meet you and welcome you in our network and team.

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Are you a consultant at the top of your game? Join our network today.

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