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Session duration: 1 day
Location: Remote or in person

Lean Agile Centre for Excellence (LACE) Workshop

The Lean Agile Centre of Excellence (LACE) Workshop's goal is to help senior leaders to drive the transformation. The challenge is that most of the people qualified to drive the change have full-time responsibilities in their current roles. While a significant portion of their time can perhaps be devoted to supporting the change, a smaller, more dedicated group of people is required to drive the transformation throughout the organization. Though these groups go by different names, they are all staffed with people whose primary task is to implement the change. Outcomes you can expect include:

  • Create the mission statement and charter for the LACE

  • Understand and learn how to carry out the responsibilities of the LACE

  • Determine the organizational model for the LACE (centralized, decentralized or hub-and-spoke) 

  • Set up the LACE as an Agile team

  • Build your initial SAFe Implementation Roadmap

  • Learn how to prepare to launch your first Agile Release Train (ART)

We customise the workshop to your team’s needs. The typical high level structure and content of the Workshop can be summarised as follows:


Part 1: TEAM

  • We explore how to build the LACE team with dedicated individuals to create an effective LACE team and accomplish the change. Leaders must also take into account that there’s an organizational and financial impact when assigning talented personnel to the new charter



  • We will explore the many responsibilities of the LACE team

  • The team will also become the logical focal point for assessing and improving each of the seven core competencies of the Lean Enterprise

  • Executives, Business Owners, and other key stakeholders will be trained and aligned with the new ways of thinking and doing

  • Specialty roles, such as Product Owners and Scrum Masters will be prepared for their new responsibilities



  • Proven SAFe adoption patterns described in the SAFe Implementation Roadmap

  • Which LACE organizational model is best for your organization

  • LACE roles and responsibilities, and the key practices the LACE can leverage to drive enterprise adoption

  • An action plan for generating the short-term wins critical to organizational change

  • A roadmap and Kanban system to sustain and expand on early successes

  • Fostering Release Train Engineer (RTE) and Scrum Master Communities of Practice (CoPs)

  • Extending SAFe to Lean Portfolio Management, Human Resources, and Finance

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